Dark Circles and under eye puffiness treatments. Practice a good regular skincare routine.

You know the drill. You’re up before sunrise crushing your morning routine so you can continue climbing that corporate ladder. But when you look into the mirror, it looks like someone punched you in both eyes!

Dark circles and baggy eyes make you look tired and washed out even after layers of concealer and highlighter. Almost like that time you pulled an all-nighter in college, except now you’re just trying to make it to your 9 am Zoom meeting after 8 hours of beauty sleep. Why the luggage, universe?!

What Causes Chronic Dark Circles Under Our Eyes?

Several sneaky culprits can cause puffy eyes and discoloration to begin to appear in our 40s. Things like:

      • Collagen loss – Skin gets thinner so veins show through more
      • Volume loss – Fat pads under the eyes sink and create hollows
      • Pigmentation – Darkness appears worse on already rich melanin
      • Lifestyle factors – Living well is important. Allergies, eyestrain, too much salt, and alcohol can worsen matters
      • Periorbital hyperpigmentation – Genetic predisposition makes some of us prone to this joy. No matter how much we think “Black don’t crack”, some of us experience the skin issues of our family lines.

So while we’re working hard to level up, our face is a hater that wants to sabotage us and scream we’re aging. Just rude!

Dark Circles: Brightening and Depuffing Tips That Work

Sometimes no amount of cucumber slices or eye creams can beat genetics. But don’t let some superficial dark circles deter your shine! We look good for US, not just to suit biased beauty standards.

Image depicts Black woman getting a relaxing skincare treatment with esthetician.

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Med Spa Treatments for Black Skin

For those looking to actively treat severe undereye circles or bags, here are some effective medical spa procedures suited for Black skin:

✔️ Perfect Peel Eye Lift Treatment – A gentle combination peel that uses glutathione and kojic acid to inhibit melanin production while smoothing skin. Provides gradual brightening over 4-6 weeks.

✔️ Ultherapy Under Eye Lift – Ultrasound micro-focused energy lifts, tightens, and stimulates collagen rebuilding in the thin skin around the delicate eye zone. Provides subtle, but cumulative tightening over 2-3 months.

Ultherapy is safe and effective for all skin types and colors. While there are no age restrictions for ultrasound therapy, the procedure tends to deliver the quickest and most definitive results to patients in their 30s to early 50s. – Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD – Cosmetic Dermatologist Serving Beverly Hills, Larchmont & surrounding areas of Los Angeles

Fitzgerald, Rebecca. “Does Ultherapy Work on All Types of Skin?” Dr. Fitzgerald’s Dermatology Blog. https://www.rebeccafitzgeraldmd.com/blog/does-ultherapy-work-on-all-types-of-skin. Accessed 1/9/2024

✔️ Laser Resurfacing Around Eyes – Fractional non-ablative lasers create micro-injuries that stimulate collagen and cell turnover for brighter, firmer undereye skin over a series of treatments. Well tolerated on brown skin.

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✔️ Under Eye Filler Injections – Hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane can plump hollows and restore lost volume around the eyes. Results are visible immediately and last around 6 months or more depending on the product.

When considering spa procedures, make sure to visit experienced medical estheticians accustomed to properly assessing and caring for Black skin around the fragile eye area.

And as always ladies, rock what your mama gave you with confidence! Remember, consistent sleep and sun protection during this stage of our lives is the way to go. 


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