When it comes to language learning and empowerment, few stories resonate as profoundly as that of Kaywanda Lamb, founder of Spanish for Small Business and Spanish for Black Girls. Her mission goes beyond traditional education. She puts out a call to action for Black women to learn Spanish and claim their space in a bilingual world.


How It All Began: Spanish For Black Girls

It all started in a moment of reflection during the pandemic, while in the shower. It was there where Kaywanda says, her passion led her to create a language learning program tailored specifically to Black women’s needs.  

I heard so much negativity (on social media) about Black women and it was coming from Black men and it ticked me off! I was like, nobody else sits up and talks about their women like this. And I was like, okay, God, you know, I’m a single mom. We’re in the pandemic. I’m thinking about other single moms, and I’m thinking about Black women at large. How do I help us navigate this? What skills do I have that I can share that could really help people level up since we’re all inside?

Kaywanda saw a need not just for gaining new language skills but also for a community where Black women could learn without judgment and grow with confidence.

And, as I was mulling this over…I remember one morning I was in the shower and it dropped in my spirit, Spanish for Black Girls. And I was like, oh my God, that’s it!

Spanish for Black Girls was born from a strong desire to combat negative narratives and uplift Black women through empowerment and education.

A Safe Space for Black Women To Learn Spanish

A few very unique characteristics seem to set the Spanish for Black Girls program apart from other language learning systems out there.

One is the tailored and exciting experiences she gives her students through carefully planned cultural immersion trips.  Kaywanda has taken intimate groups of students to Spanish-speaking countries like Costa Rica, where they can put their learning to practice in real-world situations.

All of this, while experiencing the people, culture, and beauty of the places they visit. 

Safety is another unique factor.  Kaywanda emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space for Black women to learn Spanish, where they can see themselves represented and feel supported. So whether a student receives one-on-one support or is partnered up with others to practice, Kaywanda’s approach facilitates language learning and a community of mutual support and understanding.

She also sets expectations to help you reach your goals. Unlike most language learning apps that don’t provide a personal connection or SMART goal to help you reach your potential in a given timeframe, Kaywanda expects her students to succeed. 

Your speaking ability should be amazing if I’ve worked with you for a year. Your confidence should be there. And I only work with clients one hour a week. When I work with my one-on-one clients, we only meet one hour a week. We’re not meeting four or five times a week. We’re not doing that. Because I respect people’s time. I respect my time, right?… they need time to process, they need time to execute and implement.

Success Stories and Future Goals

The impact of Spanish for Black Girls is evident in its success stories. From professional advancement to personal growth, Kaywanda’s students have found new opportunities and confidence through their improved language skills.

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Looking ahead, she dreams big: “I would love to reach 10,000 women around the world.”  This ambition underscores a commitment to broadening the reach of her empowering message.

Empowerment Through Language

It’s evident that Kaywanda Lamb’s work with Spanish for Black Girls is more than an educational initiative; it’s a movement towards empowerment, self-confidence, and community building.

By providing Black women with the right tools to break language barriers, Kaywanda is not just teaching Spanish; she’s opening doors to new opportunities and fostering a sense of belonging and achievement.

In sharing her journey, she not only inspires her students but also encourages all of us to pursue our passions relentlessly. Her story is a testament to the power of dedication, vision, and the transformative potential of language learning.

Are you ready to learn a new language? Have you tried in the past and weren’t successful? 

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